Galini. A word full of sense for our body and soul balance.

The term ‘Galini’ means calmness in Greek. Its etymology is neighboring to laughter. Thus, Galini and laughter are relative notions. When one is calm, their soul is smiling.
‘Galini’ is the deep serenity that connects our internal and external worlds. It brings them both to balance. In science, this is called ‘homeostasis’.
Homeostasis is a state that is difficult to achieve. Our daily life, both on a social and work level, has a really frenetic pace which prevents us from achieving it.
Those few moments that remain, the so called ‘free time’, seem to be downsizing. They are not enough to help us regain the lost balance both for ourselves and those around us.
What we really are in need of, is those meaningful moments dedicated to us and our beloved ones. A healthy breakfast among the trees, a refreshing lemonade after a stroll under the scorching sun, our favourite book, in a hammock, surrounded by the aromas of jasmine blossoms. Night walks by the sea or a dinner with friends under the moonlight.
A breath of ‘Galini’ which we are hoping you will find at Villa Galini.

Welcome to Villa Galini.


Villa Galini

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