There are numerous coves and beaches between the 3 isles of Sivota, but the most famous is ”Piscina”, swimming pool in Greek, which has amazing clear blue water.


Zerri Beach is further on from Gallikos Molos beach beneath the old traditional turkish house. Zerry has two bays and is also pebbly. There is a waterpark behind the beach.


A sand shingle beach and sheltered bay with crystal clear water. There are fresh water springs visible in the shallow water. There is also a cafe bar in the trees behind the beach.

Bella  Vraka

This beautiful beach, that worth’s at least one visit, is on the island Mourtemeno and you can access it either by boat or by foot as the water is shallow. Take off your shoes and wade knee deep across to the first of the three small bays.

Arillas & Karavostasi

These beaches are 12km outside of Sivota towards Perdika. Arillas is a thin, very sandy beach with tavernas. Karavostasi is a very large beach, again sandy also with one taverna at the far end.

Gallikos Molos

Gallikos Molos is easily accessible by the pathway at the far right of the harbour as you look out to sea. This is a pebbly and narrow beach. There is a taverna just above the beach.

Aghia Paraskevi

Further along the road from Mega Ammos leading towards Perdika, is Aghia Paraskevi beach. This is a pebbly beach with aquamarine water. You can swim across to the little island or enjoy your drink in the cafe bar overlooking the sea.

Mega Ammos

This beautiful beach, a mixture of sand, shingle and pebble, is the biggest organized beach in the region. Tavernas look onto the beach where you can enjoy all the sea-foods. Watersports are also available. Close to Mega Ammos is found also Mikri Ammos, with the same natural characteristics.


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